Happy Birthday, Elvis!

He would have been 85 years old.


Letter From Home “Coffee Smiles” 1/8/20

I had a morning appointment on Tuesday in preparation for a surgical procedure in a week.  Nothing major or concerning, but when a nurse asked what I was planning for the rest of my day I told her something far removed from the world of medicine.

Once back home I made a pot of coffee and spent the bulk of the day in our annex–the third floor of our home.  It is fast becoming a place James and I can often be found.  Or should I say not found?  No phones are allowed and television has not been on once since July. And that was only to set it up with station locators.

The majority of the time when I am up in the annex I sit in the window seat with cushions all about reading and gazing off at Lake Monona.  That location seems to have almost been designed to fit me back in the day when it was constructed.

Yesterday, however, I spent the large part of the day working on the second episode of my podcast, Doty Land.  My broadcast studio is located there and Monday I had two guests for a recording session.  Needing to free my mind from medical thoughts I hunkered down and spent about six hours doing one of the things that warms my heart.

I could have been given $10,000 and not been happier than I was while clipping audio, recording connection pieces for the podcast, and making sure voice levels were all normalized.   And then, of course, uploading the final product to my platform.

Throughout my life, it has always been the little things that have made for smiles and allowed me to know that there is way too much to do to ever think about being bored.  I do not take for granted we have the third floor to a house or a place to set aside for broadcasting.  I know I am blessed in many ways.  These are not little things, to be sure.  But it is the decades-long pleasures I have found from having a special reading nook or knowing that the charm of broadcasting can lift my sails even on a day I needed to see a doctor.    Those ever-present parts of my DNA are the little things that still are very much alive within me.

And that feeling continued this morning as for the first time I used the alarm clock setting from Siri on my iPad to make a cup of French Press coffee.  I came to learn that this alarm was possible from a friend this weekend.  Yeah, I am tech-savvy to the point I can use a computer program to create a podcast but I needed to be informed that an alarm function would allow my coffee making to run smoother!

There were smiles here when Siri alerted me to plunge down the press.  I do love the little things in life.