Anti-Muslim Bigotry Again To Make Headlines From Trump White House

There is no end to the use of anti-Muslim bigotry by the Trump White House.  The latest attempt to play to the angry white men in America is underway with the administration’s intention to dramatically expand its much-litigated travel ban to additional countries.  And would anyone be shocked that the expansion would be aimed at Muslim nations?

This week a person I was in high school with posted on Facebook a most racist screed about a Somalian woman who was elected to a local office in Lewiston, Maine.   That he was ranting from central Wisconsin about a topic he knew nothing about, and in the foulest way, is proof that there are many weak-minded Trump supporters who eat up anything that is anti-Muslim.

It needs to be noted that Safiya Khalid, won her race with 70% of the vote.  Clearly, those closer to the facts, than a racist many states away, knew they should not allow for the internet trolls to sway an election.

But that post is important to consider as news breaks about the renewed efforts at the White House to again attack those of the Muslim faith.  News reports have alerted the nation that the White House document being circulated has the countries that would be affected blacked out.  It is being reported through sources that seven nations–the majority of them Muslim–are on the list.

This takes me back to the base of the Trump supporters for which this wretchedness is created.  Such as the FB post I mentioned.

It was, after all the angry under-educated white male who elected Trump.  They refuse to better themselves or take classes or make their lives richer.  Instead, they are bitter that folks from places around the globe can come here, learn a new language, take classes and start new businesses and create new jobs and become successful.  I can name many who have succeeded that way in the 30-plus years I have lived in Madison.

Meanwhile, Trump voters continue to whine about public restrooms and why coal is not King anymore and they then wonder why the rest of the nation laughs.

That Trump’s White House caters to the most low-brow in our nation, with racist and xenophobic policy ideas, is not only unconscionable but also one of the leading reasons we will kick the current occupant of the White House out in 2020.