Trump Had No Reason To Assassinate Suleimani

With all the folks who work at the White House, and within the Trump Administration, how is it that there is no one answer as to the reason a decision was made to assassinate an Iranian governmental official?

Could it be that there is no answer to be given?

The reasons have been jarring for those who believe that rational thought needs to be applied by the top members of our government when putting out the call for an execution.  We were told that Maj. Gen. Suleimani was planning an “imminent” attack.  When pressed by reporters about how imminent that threat was they could not say.  When queried about where such attacks were to be made, again there was no answer.

When pressed about the lack of credibility with their non-answers, given the gravity of the breaking of international law,  was the time when Trump and Company turned their PR to talk about the crimes Suleimani had already committed.  Trump started talking about four embassies being in the line of attack.  But what would have been comical had it not been so dreadfully serious, was when Defense Secretary Esper stated publically he did not have such information about four embassies.


The muck got deeper Monday when it was reported Trump authorized the killing of Soleimani seven months ago.  So the “imminent” attack line about the need for the assassination can be summed as just pure fabrication.  When a nation is being taken to the brink of war Trump and his team MUST have a better grasp of the facts, and also know the nation has a BS meter that is very finely tuned, given all we have had to deal with since January 2017.

This all just further confirms that facts don’t matter in this administration. The only thing that matters is what Trump believes.  That is a terrible place for a republic to find itself.  The supporters of Trump have no idea why that is so, and Trump’s enablers seem to be caught up in their partisanship and not caring.

All who are reading this blog can recall when actual intelligence data was the underlying foundation for actions taken and policies created.   We also know how dismaying it is to live at a time when a huge percentage of the citizenry does not trust anything this Administration has to say about a wide variety of issues.  This military action is just the latest.

Just another reason then that historians will write of Trump as unbalanced, and ill.  He will be judged, and rightly so, with the disdain of future generations.

Recalling Trevor Dean Humphrey

It was on this date in 1995 my nephew Trevor Dean Humphrey passed away due to a traffic accident.  He is pictured below from 1984.

trevor-1984 (1)

Every year at this time we go over old pictures and reminisce about the moments that made for smiles and laughter.  Often on this date, I will make note of Trevor on my blog.  Some folks should never be forgotten, and Trevor was definitely one of them.

One of those great memories about Trevor, and his brother Troy Curtis, comes from the ads featuring Mr. Whipple selling Charmin Toilet Paper on television.  I was the uncle who knew how to make my nephews laugh, and inspire them with antics that some adults did not always appreciate.  But the kids loved them, and that is after all one of the joys of being young.

Suffice it to say without going into details that the satirical moments when I played Mr. Whipple brought lots of laughter from the boys.  I knew it was a winner when they requested the comedy to be repeated.

With that, I offer in memory of Trevor the adman Mr. Whipple.  Somewhere I know there is a giggle from the one who asked me to use his name on the radio for my on-air personality.  I did that for four years.

Yes, there are lots of great memories that flood back today.

The Real Bernie Sanders Coming To Light

I find it most concerning when one of the angry white males screaming a populist rant in 2020 is not a Democrat but is using my party from which to shout.

Not for the first time does this blog note how Bernie Sanders is only a ‘Democrat’ when he wants to use the tools and platform of my party when seeking a presidential nomination.  There is, after all, a party for Sanders to lead and run his campaign from.  It is the Socialist Party USA.   Rather than seeking that party’s nomination he jumps over the fence and becomes a ‘Democrat’ for a number of months until his failure leads him back to being whatever party label he fancies himself at the time.

This morning we are greeted with the news that Sanders does not feel that a woman can win the presidency.  He made that statement to Elizabeth Warren in 2018 when the two of them were talking about the upcoming presidential election.   I find it most troubling because he blanketed the whole gender with a loss as opposed to say this potential woman candidate, or that one, would be a hard sell to the nation.  Rather he said women, in general, were not able to win the Oval Office this cycle.  That is not the frame of mind that I have, and certainly not what all of my solidly liberal or progressive friends think.

Bernie does not look good in that color of sexism.  But that was not the only showing of his colors over the past few days.

It all started when Politico obtained a copy of talking points sent to Bernie’s volunteers to be used either during phone calls or door knocks that essentially said that Warren is the candidate of the elites.  Well, wow.  And ironic, of course when looking at the life of the Sanders family.  They are very financially secure, too.

The reporting also shows that the talking points claim she is not going to attract new Democratic voters–and get this rubbish–because she appeals to the affluent and highly educated who are going to vote Democratic anyway.

What Sanders really said was that Trump supporters have a high disdain for those with education, so they will continue to vote Republican as they are put off by Warren and the educated ‘elite’.  So now we have the same political populist tactic being used by Sanders against Warren that Trump has used since becoming a candidate in 2015.

The anti-educated theme is one that I find most repulsive.  That populist screed is how we have arrived at a time when some talk about “fake news” and “alternate facts”.  The allowance of the under-educated shallow end of the pool to dominate the nation is how we see anti-vaccine rhetoric ramped up and local school boards dumbing down the curriculum.

I find it most concerning when one of the angry white males screaming a populist rant in 2020 is not a Democrat but is using my party from which to shout.