Dave Obey Brings Smile From Record Bin

While out shopping on the West Side of Madison Monday I walked into Half-Price Books, strolled past the LPs for sale, and stopped cold.  There in the front of a series of albums for sale was one starring Dave Obey.  My first thought was Congressman Dave Obey?

I picked up the album, looked closely at the musicians gathered in front of the United States Capitol, and sure enough, the photo of a much younger congressman was plain to see.   Now I was intrigued, as Bluegrass is a deep fondness of mine, and Obey is one of those favorite sons of the state who has made us proud while serving in the House of Representatives.  As I flipped the album over there were notes of appreciation for Obey and his group from none other than Ricky Skaggs.

How had I never known that Obey recorded an album?  I knew he played music from years back when I tracked his career while he was in office.  But what I held in my hand was most impressive.

From the record section of the store, I walked back to the biography section to look for a  copy of Obey’s biography.  As my luck would have it, not only did they have a copy, but a brand new one at that.  I scanned the index and found a fast background to his Bluegrass playing and was really most pleased to have discovered both items by simply walking into the store for a browse.

I so admire and respect Obey for his political leadership and acumen in the House, and his resolve when it came to the issues facing our nation.  Decades back I was a good friend with the daughter of Obey’s district office administrator.  Seeing the way he kept in touch with his constituents and never lost touch with the ones who sent him to Washington was impressive.

I bought both items.