ACA Remains In Limbo

An outcome that is not hard to have predicted, but yet is troubling for the national health care law in the United States.

A coalition of blue states and the House of Representatives, which are defending the Affordable Care Act in the lawsuit, had pressed the high court to intervene after a federal appeals court last month refused to rule on the law’s constitutionality and sent the case back to a federal judge in Texas who had earlier issued a ruling knocking out the entire law.

The court’s one-sentence order only said the justices would not take up the case in an unusually rapid order, and it did not rule out full review of the case at a later date.

In deciding to immediately stay out of the fray, the justices sided with the Trump administration and group of red states leading the challenge to Obamacare. hey opposed an immediate Supreme Court review of the case, arguing that there was no “emergency,” even as Democrats argued that prolonging uncertainty around Obamacare harms the millions of people who rely on the law for insurance. It could take years for lower courts to resolve the lawsuit.

The continual effort by Republicans to undermine and make more difficult the proper functioning of the ACA is nothing more than the thought that this large governmental program is actually working for millions of Americans.   Conservatives, who have a visceral reaction to the government itself creating programs making the lives of citizens better–and in this case healthier–can not abide by the success of the ACA.  Ripping and tearing at the law, again and again, and using the courts to further their aims is yet another sign of what they are made of, and how far removed they are from the rest of the nation.

While it is not hard to reason as to why the Supreme Court did not enter the issue during the election season it is troubling that they allow for themselves to be often used by those who have Darwinian views about society.   Conservatives have defined themselves on many issues.  But perhaps no better than their contempt over a law to ensure millions of our fellow citizens having access to health care coverage.