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Madison’s MNA Board Hides How They Voted On Canopy Nightclub

January 22, 2020

Here we go again.  And with a glaring example as to why my beating the drum for years about having a public record of the ayes and nays from the Marquette Neighborhood Association Board matters.  To even be required to post about such a problem from the progressive and liberal Madison isthmus in 2020 is most unpleasant.

This week the Board voted on the highly controversial Canopy Nightclub proposal for Willaimson Street.   This blog has not been shy about why it needs to be rejected by the city.

While the Board did not support the nightclub and will send a letter to the city, what was left unsaid says much more about the process of transparency that the Board refuses to deal with.  The Board passed the measure with 8 votes.  But what is not noted is which members voted otherwise and what was said to support their vote? Also, who abstained and what was stated as to why?  This is important to know and share in moving forward.

Not knowing how Board members voted, and having no record of the ayes and nays being recorded is simply unacceptable.  We all need to become vocal about it and this is the time.  To have some of the Board rationalize they cannot stand the heat of public discourse based on their votes means they might decide joining a book club is more to their liking than asking for election (or appointment) to the Board.  How can we be informed voters without having to attend every meeting and observe every vote?

Enough of the cowardice from the MNA Board!

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