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Mr. Peanuts To Die On Super Bowl Ad

January 24, 2020

Call me whatever, but this story just does not seem overly funny.  Snack food company Planters will kill off their famed mascot Mr. Peanut, and his “funeral” will take place during the Super Bowl.

Yeah, I get how the marketing folks desire to update their iconic snack food advertising.  But when the world is filled with so much awful news on a daily basis I am not sure how killing off an ad trademark, which we all have known for decades, and then have a funeral ad, is to be viewed as entertaining.

If the point is to make a memorable ad, then points need to be given.  But for making a statement about the times in which we live and a commentary on the harsh world that greets us–even during the Super Bowl–this makes my point.

We are in a world of hurt.   The ad reflects the dark place we are at in 2020.

I recall from my years of watching the ads when we all talked for days after the game about Budweiser Clydesdales and how Fred Astaire danced with a vacuum.  Sociologists will have much to write about as they ponder the times in which we live.


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