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NO Coffee For Impeachment Trial!!

January 26, 2020

When it comes to the impeachment trial now underway for Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate there are many avenues to travel for conversation.  From constitutional law to the political impact the proceedings will have on the electorate.   We can disagree with each other over much of what is now happening.  But I suspect, in this time of partisanship and political tribalism in the land, there is one spot, however, where we all can find agreement.

We are now all aware that only water, sparkling water or milk can be consumed on the Senate floor.  Coffee is forbidden.  Only Senator Romney seems not to care.  That rule not allowing coffee for the senators who are listening to the trial is one step too far.   While I love traditions and long-standing procedures there are times when logic and common sense must rise up.

Yes, we have all sorts of bluster and rhetoric to use on the other side of the aisle, but for crying out loud it seems beyond the pale to not allow the ones who are required to sit and listen to the trial not at least be able to enjoy a hot cup of java.  Friend or opponent, this is one time we all should be able to agree on something.

All my readers are aware of how much better any situation is when there is coffee to sip.  We know how much more attentive we become, how the thought process becomes more engaged.  We also know how sluggish and dispirited we can become when deprived of our cups of coffee.

This past week it was noted in the press that water has largely been the drink of choice, but at least two senators — Burr and Cotton— were spotted with a glass of milk.

For history buffs let it be known that the allowance for milk stems from the 1950s, when it was thought to be a good treatment for ulcers.  That nugget came this week from Senator Cassidy, a doctor.  According to the Senate Historical Office, Senator LaFollette drank eggnog during a 1908 filibuster, and Senator Thurmond of South Carolina, while still a Democrat in 1957, drank orange juice during his record 24-hour filibuster against the Civil Rights Act.

If I were a senator I would have a trusted aide bring me a cup of my favorite coffee with three spoonfuls of raw sugar and meet in the Senate gallery.  I would not be on the floor and have no rules to follow other than to listen and not talk.  And there I would take in a slice of history with the proceedings below me as I drink coffee and become alive in the moment.

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