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John Bolton Must Testify

January 27, 2020

The cocksure Republican Party is not so sure about anything anymore. The body language and rhetoric from many of the mouth-breathers have changed.  At the start of the weekend, the GOP was sure the impeachment trial would be over in a few days.  Now there’s a distinct sense of confusion about when and how this will all end.

Senator Romney said that it is “increasingly likely that other Republicans will join those of us who think we should hear from John Bolton. … I have spoken with others who have opined upon this. It’s important to be able to hear from John Bolton for us to be able to make an impartial judgment.” Senator Collins said this will “strengthen the case” for witnesses.”

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton has made explosive new allegations about Donald Trump’s conduct in office. Now, he must take the stand to tell the Senate and the American people about what he knows.

In his new book manuscript, Bolton asserts that Trump said he planned to delay security funding to Ukraine until an investigation into the Bidens was launched. He also reveals new details about how senior cabinet officials — including Attorney General Barr and acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney — were involved in the scandal.

This is a major clue as to why John Bolton was one of several witnesses that the White House blocked from cooperating with the House’s impeachment inquiry. The information he might reveal in his testimony could completely undermine Trump’s defense.

And it’s possible that Bolton — who allegedly once equated the Ukraine scandal to a “drug deal” — would be a big crack in the dam, leading to more and more administration officials coming forward to tell the truth and avoid going down with Trump.

Bolton has already stated that he’s “prepared to testify” in the impeachment trial. If the Senate blocks a credible, high-level witness like Bolton from taking the stand — this trial will NEVER give the American people real answers or justice.

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