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Influenza Pandemic Of 1918 Exhibit At Ebling Libray–UW Medical School

January 29, 2020

This evening James and I stopped at the really interesting WWI and Influenza Pandemic 1918 exhibit at Ebling Library.  It is located in the Health Sciences Learning Center.  As headlines are made concerning the current coronavirus outbreak in China that is spreading to other nations, it does make one ponder while reading and looking at this presentation the power of diseases and the methods used to combat the spread of them.

As a lover of history, the exhibit was really well presented and it was easy to understand how fear and dread were felt, for example on the UW campus.   With a student body of 4,000, the death of 69 young men and women meant that it was likely everyone on campus was impacted with sadness.

I have a few small parts to the exhibit to post below.  As time is nearing for the ending of this exhibit please note that if you are interested in this slice of history there are only a couple days left to participate.







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