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Senate Republicans Are Party Of Monorchism

January 30, 2020

Tonight the nation has witnessed, yet again, that the modern Republican Party has the spine to rival that of a garden snake in summer.   With an almost glee-like atmosphere, the Republicans in the U.S. Senate threw off any pretense of holding to any values they claimed to represent in all those town hall sessions and folky interviews at campaign time.  The GOP senators in Washington are foolish and so easily manipulated.  It is clear that any huckster could pickpocket any one of them and walk away with one testicle, the other having been freely given to Donald Trump.

These once-traditional Republicans have demonstrated for an entire nation to witness they will gladly prostrate themselves before a self-proclaimed sexual predator.  They will not do anything to stop a president from abusing the powers of his office–even when it comes to an ally at war with Russia.

Republicans tossed the Constitution aside with the same flick of the wrist they do when tossing a burger wrapper into a waste bin.  There was never any need to think of these Republicans as constitutional scholars but after having been subjected to the painful discourse from that side of the aisle for days on end it becomes clear that they are not even literate about the document.  They are raging incompetents who care more about partisanship than love of the country.

It is one thing to be stupid and another to be willfully stupid.  For Republicans to reject the learning process that the House managers put forth. and focus instead on how far one’s head can be placed inside Trump’s backside for political gain, is not a matter of conjecture.  We have actually seen that play out over the past days.

Constitutional protocols that are maligned and grossly ripped apart, as the Republicans have demonstrated repeatedly, prove how low they will go with our institutional norms when controlling any aspect of power in Washington.  They have now proven to be a menace to our republic.


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