Response To Senator Ron Johnson


Just because a person marries into money, as Ron Johnson did when he put a ring on the hand of Jane Curler, does not mean there is intellect or capacity to be an elected official.  While Johnson touts his business acumen he owes 99% of his success to his father-in-law.   Let us recall that when a turtle lands on a fence post we all must recognize the creature was placed there by someone.  It did not make the trek on its own.  Though to be fair to the turtle, it would have more abilities to rise to the top than Johnson ever would.  We all know why Johnson floats.

Which brings me to the topic at hand.

One of the staffers in Johnson’s office sent out a mailing about how to limit taxpayers needing to pick up the tab for those awful governmental programs which assist the populace.    Apparently, the senator’s staff is not aware of how much government programming dollars go to red counties in the nation where farmers rely on government handouts and another sizeable chunk of the residents think the last book they ever needed to read was in high school–therefore never seeking ways to improve their lot in life so not to need government assistance.

One of my readers commented back to Johnson about his mailing and what was written is the stuff that makes for a good post on Caffeinated Politics.

When you’re done covering up for our traitor Cheeto in chief tomorrow by voting against impeachment witnesses, rather than posing for holy pictures on the deficit and spending, maybe you could reflect on your part in exploding the deficit.  There is no crisis in Social Security, except that people are living longer.  Are you against that?  Social Security can cash in some of the federal government borrowings against the trust fund for money to keep going.  Your crooked tax cut to reward your repugnant (Repub.) donors are creating one trillion-dollar deficits.  When Bill Clinton left office we were on the pathway to pay off the government debt entirely and then we could have dealt with Social Security.  You and Lyin’ Paulie Ryan couldn’t stand that.  So you pass a tax cut to further enrich the 1%, businesses after throwing a few crumbs, and yes they were crumbs compared to their stock buybacks and CEO compensation.  Why don’t you hold hearings about how companies that pay no taxes are getting hundreds of millions of dollars in refunds (corporate welfare).  Why don’t you hold hearings on how corporate lobbyists got favorable rules from Dept. of Treasury to cut their taxes even more!  

So, since you’re playing the role of bobble-head to Orange Mussolini, I imagine we won’t see much of you in Wisconsin.  You’ll send your staff or do phone town meetings so people can’t appropriately hold you in contempt in person.  I do like how you were called out in the impeachment trial for your participation in the coverup,

Murkowski asks why Senators shouldn’t call John Bolton as a witness – the question asked, also pointing out the contradictions between Ambassador Gordan Sondland, Sen. Johnson, and Bolton on whether there was a quid pro quo. “Why should this body not call Ambassador Bolton?” 

Johnson then grimaced slightly as his name was mentioned when Chief Justice John Roberts read out the question.

As a side note, I too, grimace when Johnson’s name is mentioned aloud.