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Was There A ‘Special Friendship’ Between James Blaine And Andrew Carnegie?

February 1, 2020

I was struck by the two separate word choices, within the span of three paragraphs, concerning James Blaine who was a former Republican speaker of the house, senator, and secretary of state, and Andrew Carnegie the famed steel baron.

While reading The Longest Line On The Map by Eric Rutkow (author of the American Canopy which received a rave review on CP) I came across these lines.

The news about Harrison’s nomination reached Blaine while he vacationed and convalesced in Scotland with his dear friend Andrew Carnegie.

That line, in and of itself, would not have raised an eyebrow.

But it was this next line two paragraphs later that does make one question the same sentiment expressed more strongly.

Of the ten US delegates selected in the spring of 1900, eight came from the Republican Party, including the presidents of the last two national conventions as well as Blaine’s intimate friend Andrew Carnegie.

If would seem Rutkow went out of his way to drop the word intimate into a sentence that was all about the make-up of a conference.






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