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Best Line Of The Night At State Of Union Speech

February 4, 2020

A reporter for Politico asked House Speaker Nation Pelosi here reaction to the State of the Union address.

“I tore it up,” she said.


“It was the courteous thing to do,” she said.


The speech was xenophobic and racist.  It was designed to curry favor with that base of the Republican Party who are the boorish knuckledraggers.

During the speech, Trump said his administration is “combating radical Islamic terrorism.”  A significant part of Trump’s appeal to Republican voters in 2016 was based on stoking fears of Muslims.

Trump talked about people who are in the “illegally” and ramped up what plays well for the under-educated angry white males in the nation. Another culture war battle and dog whistle to the right-wingers.

I am so tired of the stupid people wagging the dog in this nation.  So yes, the message to Trump that Speaker Pelosi sent was simply perfect.  The only thing that would have made it better, as I told my CP Facebook followers tonight, is if she had placed a paper shredder and used it each time the mouth-breather finished a page.



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