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Iowa Is Not Ready For Prime Time In Nominating Process

February 4, 2020

From one perspective the 2020 Iowa Caucuses were nailbiting, exciting, like nothing we have ever seen before.  For a while last night I was in that camp as interest peaked and reporters were hunting for explanations as to what was happening with the results.

But in time that view gave way to how could such a colossal and unmitigated disaster fall upon all those who had spent so long in Iowa seeking voters’ support to have it all blow up in such a bizarre fashion.

It is time for the plug to be pulled on the caucus process in Iowa.  Many have long argued that it is not truly representative given the nature of the hoops one must jump through to participate.   While I think spending a few hours would be fun in such a process lets be honest and say most people would rather head to a polling place and cast a fast ballot.

The aspect that most bothered me–other than not knowing the results–was the unprofessional and dismissive attitude from the offices of the Democratic Party in Iowa.  They did not answer the concerns of the various campaigns, and when finally speaking to reporters allowed 74 seconds for a one-way conversation to take place.  What clearly necessitated a full-blown press availability was reduced to a phone call lacking any substance or detail.

The actual value of the delegates is not that important when it comes to Iowa.  What is valued is the media buzz and momentum with a winner and the other top finisher.  All that was trashed by the inept manner that the Iowa Democratic Party ran the caucuses.

The world was watching as the Iowa Democratic Party imploded.  What a stinking disaster.   And that comment comes from one who enjoys the churning waters of politics!




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