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Let’s Be Honest About Rush Limbaugh

February 4, 2020

Rush Limbaugh has long extolled the virtues of smoking, derided government from doing what we all desire–to have smoke-free buildings—and maligned those who champion health care programs.  He has also made a mockery of radio and the norms which I have long held dear, commented about often on this blog, and talk about with others around our dinner table.

So tonight at the State of Union Address to then have a most bombastic neanderthal given the Medal of Freedom underscores that another norm has been trashed in this nation by Donald Trump.  The value of the award has now been tarnished as it was given so the angry white males in the Trump base will now feel there is one more reason to support Dear Leader at the polls.

Here is the hero of Republicans (below) as he mocked Michael Fox.  Family values must have been on vacation that day in the radio studio—or was Rush upset with wife number…..4?  There is no way anyone with traditional values can watch this buffon and not cringe.  Yet so many conservative harp about all sorts of things they think wrong in the nation and still wrap around their arms—well maybe halfway around–this national embarrassment.

Give him some more cigars and let us move this process along.  That is how I feel about Rush and what he has done to radio broadcasting and our nation.

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