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Should Donald Trump Give Medal Of Freedom To David Duke, Too?

February 5, 2020

Last night was a national embarrassment–all for the sake of angry white males in the electorate who feel picked on by others.   Oh…….poor babies. Here is hint to all who feel somehow marginalized–get a damn library card and then USE IT!

But one does have to ask, now that the bar for what passes for merit when it comes to the Medal of Freedom has been lowered to the curb, what comes next.

In a sense, Limbaugh is the perfect idol for Trump and his cultist followers, who seal themselves off from reality and immerse themselves in conspiracy theories. A president who considers himself as president of only his supporters and who has debased and cheapened our language and our politics, making the reprehensible perfectly acceptable, would of course want to honor someone of Limbaugh’s ilk.

Trump’s great lie is convincing Americans that white males no matter what their conduct — Brett Kavanaugh, convicted war criminals and, most of all, himself — are victims of elites. That, in turn, gives them license to unleash bigotry and engage in intolerable, unhinged conduct, all in the name of vindicating themselves from oppression. That mentality of grievance, propagated effectively by Limbaugh, is nothing more than cover for white nationalism. The country should denounce, not honor, its practitioners.

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