Donald Trump’s Stain On America Deepens–Prayer Breakfast Proves It

What took place at the National Prayer Breakfast this week was most disturbing.  The lack of moral standing, any sense of civility, or even a shred of grace or class was most obvious.  Donald Trump is not known for any of the traits that we would want in a member of our family, let alone the president of this nation.

But what Trump is all about as a person has been baked into his DNA cake for decades.  We are aware of what he is, so the shock value is lessened.  Though the sadness for the nation is no less troubling.

What bothers me more is how the attendees at the annual event reacted with laughter, applause, soft murmurs of approval.  The baking in of the Trump stain into our national culture is the most regrettable aspect.

Trump turned the prayer breakfast into a series of political attacks.  It was so unseemly that even an atheist would be embarrassed for the nation.   The Sermon on the Mount is perhaps one of the best-known passages in the Bible. “Love your enemies, bless those that curse you, do good to them that hate you.”

During the 68th Pray Breakfast, Trump decided to dispute the command itself.  That is to be expected, given what we see on a daily basis from Trump.

But what happened next concerns me regarding the foundation of our nation.  As Trump dismissed the words of Jesus about how to conduct oneself, some in the crowd laughed.

Anything Trump touches he sours, stains, and spoils.  He proved not only his own shallowness about faith at the Prayer Breakfast,  but also allowed the rest of us to see the sad moral compromises his followers take to show him their support.

It was not a good day for America.