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Eking Out Win Bernie Sanders Now Faces Majority Of Moderates In Democratic Party

February 12, 2020

There is that pesky fact that one needs to deal with when latching onto a political party that has never been a place that was called home.  You need to deal with the folks who have resided there for years and in many cases decades.

So it is with Bernie Sanders who can not run with any degree of success on the Socialist ticket so he traded in his treasured principles for a few months so to play with the big kids on the playground of Democratic Party politics.   Mind you, I am not one of those who throw stones at socialist ideas or policies.  Quite the opposite.  I love my police, libraries, and FDA.   But I also believe in math and so seriously question the agenda that Sanders proposes with the numbers that he uses to make a claim that it is all workable.

What I find unacceptable is the lack of honor from someone who never does any of the work to ensure a strong party infrastructure, but then leaps on the stage to try and wrestle a presidential party nomination.  Let us be honest.   Bernie Sanders is a man best suited for a place where manners and good taste have expired.

He simply is not ready to be the nominee of my party.  That is not just me making that claim.  The majority of my party feel the same as the votes in the two voting states (thus far) have made it clear. Tuesday night was the latest example.  The vote totals of several Democratic candidates in New Hampshire, when taken together, are greater than that of Sanders.

The party wants to win and all are aware of the rhetorical outpouring which will fall on the party should Sanders take the nomination.  All the down-ballot candidates who have to share a ticket with the socialist standard-bearer will suffer tremendously.

Sanders has had decades to take his policy ideas to the next level but has never been able to move congress. The people who know him best—and by many reports–detest him the most.

Sanders is not so much in the hunt for the presidency itself, but just a larger platform from which to spout off and wildly gesticulate.  He knows darn well his yearning to move Congress to pass his ideas will lead nowhere.  He will just end up shouting and getting red-faced from a new residence.  At our expense!  That may make him feel good–but that is not what the nation needs.

A man who has accomplished little due to his limited leadership skill set and unwillingness to compromise should not be trying to take the nomination for president from my party.

It is now time for the moderates in the party to help Bernie see the exit sign on our stage.  His followers can decide if they love the nation more than him.  If they chose the latter then we know they are not made of the stock which is required to move the nation from where we now find ourselves.  The rest of us will then just have to work harder.  And we will.

The stakes are too high at this time in our national story to need to pick up the wreckage from Trump and then add that of Sanders.  Moderates in the Democratic Party will correct this looming problem in the weeks to come.

We will find our standard-bearer for the fall election.

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