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Wisconsin Economy Impaired Due To Trump’s Over-Reach In Executive Office

February 14, 2020

Not for the first time to I raise concerns about Donald Trump taking actions that are both unconstitutional and that also impair the well-being of our economy.

Today there are many news reports about the impact on Wisconsin’s economy from the actions Trump has taken to further construct his needless and racist wall on our southern border.  If one were to talk to the average state voter it would not be hard to find a solid majority who would disagree with Trump pulling money, that was not allocated by Congress, to do nothing more than play to his partisan whims.

Oshkosh Corp.’s military vehicle production, work that has sustained thousands of Wisconsin jobs in recent years, is poised to take a hit from a Defense Department plan to divert $3.83 billion from elsewhere in its budget to build 177 miles of Trump’s Mexico border wall.

A first look at the proposal shows that $101 million will be moved from the production of Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTTs) that the Army has relied on to carry munitions and other critical supplies.

All who follow the news know there is not now, nor has there ever been, any rational reason to construct a wall.  Such a boondoggle is not worthy of one cent of taxpayer money.  By taking this action, which is aimed at the racist and xenophobic mouth-breathers in the Republican Party, underscores his total disregard for the law.

Once again we are witnessing his acting as if the Constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.  He acts like this nation could be a dictatorship if only he stomps his feet and demands to have all power ceded in his direction.  It is imperative, for institutional reasons, that there be a massive and sustained pushback on this matter until it is reversed.

What has been most distressing to your blogger is that Trump thinks he can hold the country hostage for an expensive project because he cannot get congressional approval.  Recall he could not get the wall funding for this racist move while both houses of Congress were controlled by the Republican Party.  A party, it needs to be underscored, which has repeatedly proven its dismissive feelings about brown-skinned people.  If he could not get his funding when they had both chambers of Congress what, pray tell, does he think the chances are we will allow this to be done now?

Trump in the past did not add this funding measure to his budget bills.   Instead, he just dictated what he wanted with no debate and expects Congress and taxpayers to roll over.  The bottom line is that Trump must not be allowed to lie his way to a wall built with money not appropriated by Congress.  

It all comes down to not allowing Trump to further damage the nation.  We all have seen small children act out in department stores and we know what must be done.  The offending party has to be removed so as not to do further harm.  In regard to Trump, we must vote the little brat out of the White House and remove it from the national stage as we know he can not act in accordance with social norms.  Or legal ones!

Until then we need to raise hell about undermining the intent of Congress and the over-reach of the Executive Branch.

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