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Robert Costa Finally Gets Last Word

February 22, 2020


In this time of so many technological marvels, it is still  amusing to witness when things do not go as smoothly as desired.  Such as with the closing for the PBS show Washington Week, which aired last night.

As host Robert Costa is interviewing, via satellite, a reporter based in Las Vegas, the time to bring the show to a conclusion neared.  As the reporter waxed on about how the Nevada caucuses will be reported to Democratic Party officials from apps, Costa gently tried to stop the dialogue.  Gently at first, then a bit more robust, not quite stern the next time, but determined.

The reporter clearly did have an earpiece and was able to answer questions, but once she started to impart information she must not have been able to hear what Costa was trying to say in polite tones.  And then louder ones.

It made me aware, again, of how professionals handle those moments when something must happen—such as the ending of a news show.  And how to do it firmly and yet with a smile.  Robert Costa and his group of reporters are a must-see in our home,  as Washington Week has been a routine of mine going back to my years in high school.

We have the ability to talk with others literally around the globe and see them at the same time.  We have the capability.  But stopping them in mid-sentence…..

And so it goes.

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