Americans For Prosperity Full Of (Blarney), And Meet My New Buddy Tim Phillips

Earlier this week I filled out a survey from Americans For Prosperity. It was the epitome of a push poll, and as such, I shoved it right back with honest answers.

Since then I am now buddies with Tim Phillips as he sends me notes and updates and links to guide my faithful footsteps leading up to Election Day.   Soon we will be trading pics of the family and our fave potato salad recipe leading up to grilling season.

But before we get to the warm fuzzy back-slapping emails I must address his lack of honesty and, therefore, credibility.  He wrote that he has the desire of an America where truly free markets allow for free and prosperous people.

I am not sure if Tim knows that means he will need to jettison the umbilical cord he has attached to Donald Trump.  Free trade and Trump are about as much a non-sequitur as Trump and salad greens.  So for Tim to spin a fondness for free trade—a policy that this liberal blogger actually believes in–at the same time he slips closer to Trump only makes for laugher on the receiving end of his email.

In another email my buddy let it be known that age is creeping upon him. He is having trouble reading.  He stated I saw in your response that you indicated that you want “policy research and analysis on the most important issues of today,” so I wanted to send over a guide that our team recently published.

What I actually stated in the survey was the option, “other” and then added the following.

I would ask that basic civics books be paid for from your organization and handed out at the gates to the White House and also to each office of Republican congressmen and senators.

It seems Tim Phillips is upset about our nation’s debt.  Had he been reading the views from noted economists in 2017 he would have come to learn of the staggering debt which was predicted due to Trump’s tax cut.    It was reported in October 2018, thanks to Trump’s massive tax cut for corporations and wealthy Americans, the federal government collecting 22% less corporate tax revenue than in 2017, and tax revenue overall was flat. That’s why the deficit soared to $779 billion in 2018, 17 percent higher than in 2017.

My buddy Tim concludes his note today with the following.

You may agree that since most of the people in our country do not have an advanced law degree, they tend to “tune out” complex legislation. And it’s when we aren’t paying close attention that lawmakers could “sneak in” things that do not align with our principles.

No, Tim , I do not agree.  I feel, instead, that those who push as many emails through your system as you obviously do, that you might become an educator and ante up with facts and reason.  The only intention you have, as I have been able to prove above, is a partisan hack-job with the truth.

I will share my recipe for summer flavors but you really need to crack open some books but spend less time sniffing the bonding glue.