Thanks To NRA Your Wednesday Mass Shooting Is In Milwaukee

Here we go again, America.  The NRA bought your congress,  and their followers continually demonstrate they love their guns more than the nation itself.

Multiple people were killed including a gunman during a shooting rampage on the Milwaukee campus of Molson Coors on Wednesday afternoon.

Extremists leaders at the NRA, along with their following who are short on logic and common sense have placed us where on any given day the average citizen knows they can be killed with a gun.

Every nation has angry men and mental health issues galore, but it is only here in America that we say to destabilized people, here is an assault weapon!  And please do not forget to stock up on your ammo supply, too.   This policy did not just happen but instead was developed over time through the efforts of the NRA.

When this nation allowed the wack-jobs at the NRA to bastardize the meaning of the Second Amendment, allowed them to buy elected officials, and turned the nation into their personal shooting gallery so to then incite a ‘need’ to further purchase from gun manufacturers so to feel ‘safe’…well…that is when the republic was allowed to shift on its axis.

It is no surprise that the gun industry gives a lot of money to the NRA.  That incestuous relationship is one of the reasons the collapse of any spine from a huge portion of the Republican Party to stop the bloodshed is most troubling.

Today the coffins need to be bought in Milwaukee.  Due to the NRA anyone can spin a wheel akin to one at a carnival show to ponder where that need will land tomorrow.  That is the reality of America who now is forced to live under the loaded political gun of the NRA.