Trump Not Providing Nation With Leadership Anyone Believes In


What will happen–this blogger has asked since 2016–when the nation meets a crisis–and Donald Trump is the one who needs to show resolve, intelligence, and credibility?  That moment has arrived and what we knew would happen, is now playing out for the world to witness.

Only days ago Trump stated that all we needed to do was wait until April for the coronavirus to come to an end. Prior to that Trump has undermined science at every step, and cut federal budgets that deal with medical research and preparedness.

Today the news from those who have a finger on the national economy, and look ahead to see where trend lines point for future growth or decline, sent another powerful message to the Trump White House.

The US stock market sold off sharply as worries over the virus went up, and up. The three main indexes fell into correction territory and are on track for their worst week since the financial crisis.  To put a fine line of the facts, the Dow dropped 1,191 points, or 4.4% in its worst one-day point drop in history.

Markets operate on a flurry of hard data, but also navigate daily with unique psychology that plays into every action taken.  Therefore, it is most obvious Trump has lost all credibility with the financial markets and those who are grounded in reality.  Everyone saw Trump at the Wednesday press conference in the White House Press Room, but he looked like a boy in his dad’s suit compared to the intellects who stood around him.  There was nothing in his words or presentation that allowed for one iota of credibility to have been created.

Placing Vice-President Pence at the top of the plan was another wrong decision from the Trump Administration.  No one finds truth or honestly to come from this White House, so it was imperative to have selected someone from outside to talk to a nation yearning for the insight they can believe in.  But, sadly, that was not done.

The only thing Pence does effectively is stare at Trump’s neck when the cameras are on–otherwise, he is a lightweight, as evidenced by his lack of understanding as to why free needle exchanges are prudent when working to combat the spread of HIV.

Trump told the nation Wednesday that the cases in the US of this virus could be down to zero within a week.  But the professionals with an actual education who addressed the nation from the same platform alerted us to prepare for a pandemic and possible disruption to their lives.

The markets know that production and supply lines are already impacted from the virus and also that there is no solid leadership being exhibited in the US that can play a role to deal forthrightly with what is unfolding.  And it will only get worse.