Thanks Mayor Pete!

Joe Biden wins again this weekend, though it comes with the removal of a man from the presidential race whom I much admired. As a gay man I was never so proud of any other person seeking the highest office in my lifetime.

Mayor Pete’s intellect and personality were the stuff that made me pay heed to his candidacy. His being a gay man, who spoke candidly about coming out and finding the love of his life and marrying, allowed our nation to take yet one more step forward.

My politics has been with Biden since 1987, and Pete’s moderate and policy-driven candidacy allowed me to gravitate towards his ideas for the White Hose. With Pete taking a move today to end his race gives Biden a stronger hand moving forward. I posted last night we needed two more candidates to leave the race, and now one more remains…Minnesota’s Senator.


Infrastructure Woes In Israel

I have long advocated for infrastructure funding in the United States. The reasons are simple to see at every airport and on every highway. Today in The New York Times the following portion of a story underscores what happens when infrastructure funding crumbles in other nations, too.

Thousands of patients a year are dying from infections in Israel’s hospitals, the most overcrowded in the developed world.

Billions of dollars in economic output — more than Israel’s yearly gains — are going up in fumes as motorists sit in traffic, with no other way to get to work.

And test scores show the schools are failing to prepare students for a modern work force. The achievement gap between rich and poor children has only widened, and an accelerating brain drain is causing some of Israel’s most valuable scientists, doctors and innovators to take their talents overseas.