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Math Is Not Bernie Sanders’ Friend

The following charts outline the problems when it comes to math and moderation for the fight in the Democratic Party for the presidential nomination.

How big is Sanders’s agenda? Note only is it 10x the size of what Biden is proposing, but as a share of our economy, government spending would eclipse the 1944 peak reached during WWII.

Regarding the second graph Sanders has yet to explain how he’ll pay for half of his agenda – at the moment he’s short $27 trillion which is well over the size of the entire US economy ($21 trillion).

Regarding the third graph note “Free” health care, college and child care, a #GND, eradicated student and medical debt, plus a flotilla of other benefits would conservatively cost $57 trillion over 10 years, though some see Sanders’s agenda clocking in at as much as $100 trillion.