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Bernie Sanders’ Last Stand In Michigan

March 9, 2020

Far be it from anyone to state that after Tuesday night Bernie Sanders will have any more ability to do the delegate math then he did in 2016, when he needlessly  hounded the Democratic presidential nominee right up to the convention.  But for the rest of us, who follow the count for delegates, will fully grasp that after Michigan’s polls are closed the Sanders’ campaign will be over.

On Monday, Monmouth University of New Jersey also released a poll of Michigan showing Biden up 51%-36% on Sanders.  An automated Mitchell Research poll released Sunday showed Biden with a lead of 54%-33. There is ample evidence Biden has a clear advantage over Sanders, not only in Michigan but across the nation.

For weeks Sanders has tried to spin a narrative that he is amassing some super-size electorate that will materialize for his candidacy.   But in each contest thus far in the primary season such surges for Sanders has not occurred.  Instead of showing strength Sanders has alerted the Democratic Party he is not able to galvanize, once again, the core constituency of the party.

Tuesday more evidence of that will be demonstrated in Michigan.  The only thing left for Las Vegas to bet on concerning Sanders is how slow he will be in reading the voters mood for the Democratic nomination.  Since Sanders has no regard for the party other than to use it and then toss it aside, odds are summer blooms will be around before Sanders wakes up.


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