What If Congress Acted On Gun Control Like They Are With Coronavirus?

We often lament the slow pace of government action when it comes to a plethora of matters that needs to have a remedy applied.  There is no doubt that the coronavirus which is impacting the health and well-being of people globally, and has had a major impact on health and the economy of the United States, deserves attention from the United States Government.  Therefore, I am heartened by the actions taken thus far in Congress in such a speedy fashion to address a most valid concern.

While the actions of Congress is most welcome, it needs to be asked how the tens of thousands of gun related deaths each year in the nation have not been regarded with the same urgency, thus moving Congress to act with equal resolve.

Congressional negotiators last week clinched a bipartisan coronavirus emergency funding package.  The measure included roughly $8.3 billion aimed at helping states and the federal government fight the medical crisis.

I applaud the legislation and I applaud the fast movement on this matter which our nation needs so to get a better handle on dealing with it. But ask yourself, given the violent displays of bloodshed from handguns and military style assault weapons which are too readily available among the populace, how it is not possible to have the same determination to move gun control legislation.

The speed that lawmakers can act is noted.  This legislation was essential and required.  But we should not forget that there are other pressing matters in this nation which also need the bold decisive nature of Congress.  The  absence of such determination underscores the reality of who buys and controls congress when it comes to gun control legislation.

Another reason to scorn the NRA.

Saying No To Political Timed Tax Cuts

One of those smart, must read editorials from the daily newspaper.  In light of the health needs being underscored in the nation due to coronavirus and the markets melting due to economic concerns, comes the usual tax cut solutions that is nothing more than snake oil.

Huge spending on public health is also sensible under the circumstances. The federal government should pick up the tab for state and local spending on the crisis response — including on staffing health facilities, testing for the coronavirus and equipment to keep workers safe — and it should encourage public health officials to pull out all the stops.

“One item that’s not on this list, however, is a broad-based tax cut, Washington’s preferred cure for all economic ailments. Mr. Trump said Monday that his administration planned to propose a reduction in the federal payroll tax, which is paid by a broader range of workers than the income tax. But there is good reason to worry about the public-health effects of encouraging people to go out and spend more money. The government needs to focus on limiting the spread of the virus by encouraging sick leaves, quarantines and other measures that can be described as taxes on economic activity. It makes little sense to enact a countervailing tax cut.”