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Doty Land Interviews Suspended On Madison Isthmus Due To Virus

March 14, 2020

Due to the coronavirus Doty Land is suspending interviews, since the studio is in our home on the third floor.  It is no longer wise to have people come and participate in interviews.

We came to the conclusion this was a sound way to proceed a number of weeks back, as we could see where the projection of the virus was headed.  And we wanted to limit our exposure to the virus.  Especially since James works with an elderly clientele through his guardianship business.

At this time I am learning the process for conducting interviews digitally over the computer, with sound quality as if the one being interviewed were sipping coffee and talking ‘at the round table’.

Upcoming shows will include two filmmakers and a local man who is using AI to work with people impacted by memory loss.  And a Nashville friend touring as a roadie for the Oak Ridge Boys.

Curtailing the Doty Land podcast has been a real difficult one for me as this project has lifted my sails, and made me feel so alive over the past months. I know the virus will pass, the studio will be active in a few weeks, and more podcasts will be available to my listeners.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and stay safe.


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