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Can Bernie Sanders Take Podium Tuesday Night?

March 17, 2020

Tuesday the landslides for Joe Biden continues with three states adding delegates to his now impossible to stop race for the nomination. The math no longer allows Bernie Sanders a roadmap. It has not for two weeks. But the point of this post is one that I find intriguing as a reader of politics. Consider how Sanders has imploded, and ask what about his message or playbook is the reason. This will be talked about by reporters for years.

The New York Times raised this question in a pointed way this past week.  That the scenario below can be demonstrated in county after county and state after state speaks volumes about either a candidate or a campaign…or both.

Four years ago, in Grant County, Oklahoma, Sanders crushed Hillary Clinton, 57.1 percent to 31.9 percent.

This year, Sanders didn’t just lose Grant County — 87.5 percent white, 76.9 percent without college degrees — to Biden, his percentage of the vote fell by 41 points, to 16.1 percent.

Grant County reflects what has become a nationwide pattern in the Democratic primaries, including those held last week, and what will play out tonight, I strongly assume.

Sanders’s support among white working class voters is evaporating, and his inability to secure African-American votes makes it possible that on primary night Sanders does not make it to a microphone…again.

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