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House Vote In 2020, Pandemic Vote In 1918

March 19, 2020

This is info that would be fun for your kids or grandkids to know.

It does not now appear that the House will ‘work from home’ as the technology is not up to the required standards. Presently the Senate is working on the massive $1 trillion package and House Democrats and Republicans will canvass their membership to see if the bill has enough support to pass.

If that happens in the affirmative the House could try to pass the package by unanimous consent, and allow lawmakers to put in the Congressional Record how they would’ve voted if they were present. This is standard operating procedure should a lawmaker miss a vote. This would then serve as the “vote count” — or historical record — for the $1-trillion plus package.

If any member objects to the unanimous consent or calls for a quorum, they’d have to bring back the majority of the House — 216 lawmakers.

It should be noted that the country was governed on a voice vote during the 1918 flu pandemic.

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