Trump Goes Small, Again, In Front Of National Media

Donald Trump started the week on a rather elevated level that seemed to prove he understood the gravity of the moment we are living.  Granted, with Trump, the bar is never set too high so any clearing of it has to be seen in relative terms.  But, still, there was some hope at the start of this week that some seriousness of the office would emerge on a continuous basis.

But day-by-day Trump has grown more petulant and unstable in the daily briefings. Today came one of those questions that a solid politician could have hit way out of the ballpark.  Trump, however, went nasty and unbalanced in front of the cameras.

A seasoned journalist asked, “What do you say to Americans that are afraid?” Trump said, “oh that’s a nasty question and you’re a terrible reporter!”  Trump accused him of sensationalism.

Any decent president would have found comforting words, assured the public that the government cared, said they are doing whatever they can to help.

Trump has proven over and that he is unfit for the job, not focused on facts, and never even close to understanding the word empathy.  If he is not lying he is being bombastic.

Today’s performance was simply stunning.  Recall that many of us, back in 2016, asked about the dreaded hypothetical  3:00 A.M. phone call into the situation room.  This is what we were all afraid of, now playing out on the national stage.

We have a total narcissistic moron, who is truly only interested in himself and whose hands are on the wheel steering the country toward a national disaster of unspeakable proportions.