Trump’s Ineptitude Might Cause Americans To Die

If any of my readers are wondering why there is such deep consternation in this land when it comes to how the federal government is handling this pandemic one only needs to know the following information.  If anyone is mystified as to why there is such deep distrust of Donald Trump. and even anger about the way that he has mismanaged this crisis in America. one only needs to know the following.

The Department of Homeland Security stopped updating its annual models of the havoc that pandemics would wreak on America’s critical infrastructure in 2017.  From at least 2005 to 2017 an office inside DHS used computers and analysts to try and determine what would happen to everything from transportation systems to hospitals in case a pandemic were to occur in our country.

This is what happens when there is a severe disregard for the role that government plays in our lives and a lack of understanding about the necessity that sound management within our governing agencies must have in order to protect the nation and ensure the safety of our citizens.  For too long we have heard conservatives decry government, bash our institutions, belittle those who have education and knowledge, and work feverishly to cut funding for the various services that our government must have if it is to do its job.

At the very least our government should be able to supply enough medical equipment and drugs to deal with public health emergencies and everyday health needs of the type we now face. To become aware of this news story today, on top of everything else that we have witnessed regarding the ineptitude of Donald Trump and his Administration, is almost more than the nation should be forced to except.

The men and women who were working on the consequences of a future pandemic were doing the work that needed to be done.  The funding for this programming should have continued, the data collected.  Trump taking the oath of office should not have ended the project.

This news today is simply unconscionable.