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United States Should Have Emulated South Korea, Trump Instead Chose To Call Virus A “Hoax”

March 25, 2020

South Korea and the United States both confirmed their first case of COVID-19 on the same day.  That is the only similarity that can be said about the two nations regarding what has become a pandemic.

South Korea understood that the moment called for extreme and dramatic action.  From mass testing within a month, and having masks distributed the government stepped up to aid the populace, and in so doing has flattened the curve of infections in their country.

In the United States, Donald Trump called the virus “a hoax”, lambasted the press for reporting on the story, claimed that Democrats were being ‘political’ about the matter, stated there were only 15 cases and that number would dwindle.  Trump also had fired his pandemic panel.

Here is a chart of the nations most impacted by the virus.  Note that South Korea has leveled off and the United States is shaping up to rocket off the page with cases and deaths that will place us, as the World Health Organization now expects, at the epicenter of the pandemic.


We had a chance, months ago, to have had a serious set of measures applied so to have been prepared when the gales struck. The bulk of the storm has not yet reached the shores of this nation in the scope and degree that will take place in the coming weeks.  Hell is about to open up in ways that only history books have accounted for with past tragedies. 

History will judge why we were not prepared.  The voters, too.

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