Angry White Male Nationalist Killed By FBI, Planned To Blow Up Hospital Near Kansas City

As if there is not enough angst and dismay in our nation comes news of another angry caucasian who could not muster the will to live his life in accordance with social norms. Very proud of the actions taken by the FBI.  Once again, law enforcement deserves all of our praise.


  • Timothy Wilson, 36, was shot and killed by the FBI after he plotted to blow up a hospital in near Kansas City
  • The FBI learn about the plot from Jarrett William Smith, a white supremacist who was an active duty member of the U.S. Army 
  • Smith was arrested in 2019 when he ‘distributed information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction,’ the FBI says 
  • The FBI targeted Wilson who they say was a potentially violent extremist whose hatred was fueled by religion, racial animosity, and government distrust
  • The FBI attempted to serve Wilson with a warrant as he was picking up what he believed to be a truck bomb but actually wasn’t
  • Wilson was motived by religion, racial animosity, and distrust of the government, according to the FBI 
  • Wilson wanted to inflict ‘severe harm and mass casualties’, according to the FBI
  • Wilson was linked to the neo-Nazi groups National Socialist Movement (NSM) and Vorherrschaft Division (VSD) 
  • On the social media site Telegram, he wrote  that coronavirus was an ‘excuse to destroy our people’ 
  • He added, ‘Mark my words it’s coming I hope people are ready’ 
  • Wilson’s wife had also filed divorce from him in 2019