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Madison Schools Put Lunacy, During Pandemic, Into Writing!

March 27, 2020

The most outlandish news story of the day comes from the Human Resources Department of Madison Public Schools.

The district sent a message to staff Thursday saying the expectation is for teachers with children at home to find a child care solution — either outside of or inside home — during the hours they work remotely.

“You cannot watch your children and work at the same time,” a message from the district’s Human Resources Department said.

What complete idiot thought up this ridiculous notion, then wrote it up?  Better yet, which higher-up then authorized such lunacy to be made public?  I see a place to thin the herd within the administration and save a few dollars.  Talk about raving BS from Madison schools!

Andy Waity, president of MTI, said in an email Friday the union sent a message to the district to reconsider its position as soon as possible.

“There is no childcare available for staff. It has been challenging for our community to find childcare for even essential services personnel,” MTI’s message said. “If the District intends to proceed with remote learning in the midst of a public health pandemic, the District needs to find a way for employees to do so while they manage their childcare, family responsibilities, and a public health pandemic.”

I know a state worker with twin boys working from home, as the boys learn and play.  Now there is a demand Madison teachers must secure child care while they teach in a virtual classroom during this time of crisis!

I would be telling the HR Dept to well…you know.   And in case no one has been in a classroom as of late, teachers are masters of multi-tasking!

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