Amazon Gets A Win At Madison City Council–In Spite Of Purists

It was ‘Madison being Madison’, but at least this time the naysayers did not win the day.

Even as the nation has been turned upside down, and it also feels as if we are inside -out, it was my hope to see a united city council agreeing that job creation, along with an enhanced tax base, might be the best path on which to proceed when it came to an Amazon project.

After all we have witnessed in the destruction of jobs and livelihoods with COVID-19 it seemed like we might want to think down the road about how to stir the pot and create some hope for the future. After all, is that not part of the job of elected officials?

The planned distribution center on the East Side, will create 145 full- and part-time jobs and is a solid win for Madison.  And for the 145 folks, such a place to work will be a big deal.  Apparently, all the alders, however, did not feel those jobs were the correct jobs that should be supported.

I only wish all the alders Tuesday could have been far-sighted about the reason this plan has merit. In the end, the council vote was 14-6 vote.  But it really does give me pause, that in spite of all the awful glaring headlines over job losses alders Tag Evers, Marsha Rummel, Patrick Heck, Rebecca Kemble, Mike Verveer and Grant Foster voted to reject Amazon’s plan.

It must be nice to have such purity of thought and self-confidence in the correctness of ideas that allows for denying adding jobs to our city.  I wonder if anyone of those alders worked to find any way they could say yes to the plan?  Or was the rigidity of their views about Amazon the sole determining factor?

Yeah, it takes no time to ponder those questions.

Silly me to have thought that all our alders, in this time of turmoil and economic upheaval, and who carries a responsibility to lift citizens up, show resolve at pointing to better days ahead, and marshaling our governing tools to demonstrate hope for the future, instead found six weak-kneed and cowering members among them, who failed at the task they were given.

Perhaps those naysaying alders think their unemployed constituents pay the rent and buy groceries with pure thoughts.