Trump Team Tries To Shift Blame For Their Incompetency Over COVID-19

The blame game in the spin room of the Trump White House is in full rotation as of late. Knowing the announcement today from Administration officials, that projects between 100,000 to 240,000 coronavirus deaths in our nation will send shock waves through the citizenry, efforts are underway to show why Trump should not be blamed.

Americans are fully aware of the haphazard, up-side-down, inside-out approach that has been the hallmark of the Trump White House from the start of this virus making headlines, as early as when cases were being first reported in China.   But to listen to the Trump spin room, one would believe that the impeachment trial was the reason that Trump could not fixate on the coming medical crisis.

First, and foremost, if one can not walk and chew gum at the same time they really should never have registered as a candidate for the presidency.   Secondly, the spin room is just plain wrong as they neglect to mention those pesky things called facts.

The urgent warnings about the virus were included in what news articles have described as the majority of CIA intelligence reports prepared for Trump.  But as we also know Trump is not able to sit down and digest information that is not contained even on a single piece of paper double-spaced, so whether impeachment was underway or not, if one does not care to be informed and educated, there is not much of a chance to learn what one does not know.

While the briefing papers showed the seriousness of the virus, Trump was pandering to the folks who watch FOX News, and stated the coronavirus was not worse than the common flu. In reality, it is about 10x worse, according to the CDC.

For Trump, or anyone in his orbit, to now claim that impeachment was an impediment to his dealing with the virus should be reminded that Trump made a big show of saying the trial wasn’t preventing him from doing work as president.  To prove his point he even made it known, in the midst of the congressional proceedings, he was having a meeting concerning the virus.  Was Trump lying then?  Or now?

It also should be stated that there was never a chance in hell Trump was going to be found guilty in the GOP-controlled Senate, so for the White House spinners to try and propel an idea of constant attention being required in the last phase of the process is absurd.

Impeachment was very much warranted, as history demands that misdeeds and affronts to our Constitution, as well as law and order, must be dealt with by those with such responsibilities.  Placing the word impeached into the opening paragraph of Donald Trump’s obituary was not a move taken lightly, but it was essential for the ones entrusted to uphold national ideals.   Accountability is needed at a time when so many of our fellow citizens acted rashly and without national regard based on the last presidential election.

When we consider the facts it might be that golfing and partisan rallies made more of an impact on Trump’s time that should have been spent on the lives and well-being of the citizenry.