Photo: Gun Shot Fired Into Parked Car On Madison Isthmus

Gun violence took place in downtown Madison this afternoon at about 4:30 PM. While we always think such activity takes place “somewhere else”, the gunshots today included a round that hit a car parked across from where James and I live.

I was on the upstairs balcony reading about Abraham Lincoln, self-distancing from the world as we combat this virus, when I heard something akin to an empty trash bin being dropped from on high by a collecting truck.  As I turned to look at what produced the sound there was nothing to be seen. But in seconds a couple neighbors started to come from their homes or walking at a faster pace with a dog being walked, to where it sounded as if the sound had emanated.

It needs to be noted that when I turned to look at where the sound came from, not more than 3 or 4 yardsticks away from where the car was parked, a female around age 25, was walking on the sidewalk.  She was looking to find a cause of the noise.    She could very well have been hit as she was just on the other side–the passenger side–of the vehicle.

IMG_0801 (002)

They noticed that the back window of a parked car was basically blown out, but there was no evidence as to what caused the situation to occur.  In a couple of minutes, I ventured out to take a picture as I thought it might be of use to the owner of the car, even though we had no reason to explain how it happened. As I was taking the photo I noticed looking west, towards East Washington, there was a flurry of police activity and flashing lights.

Shortly thereafter it was reported that shots had been fired at Paterson and the East Washington area.  I called the police and alerted them to the situation with the vehicle across from where we live. Police arrived within minutes and a slug from a bullet was located on the dashboard of the car that had been impacted.

Gun violence is often a topic on this blog, and for good reason.  I have long said that we can no longer assume that such violence will always happen ‘somewhere else‘, as there are too many guns in circulation.  Today that gun violence moved into the neighborhood where I live, and close to home.

As I talked with a police officer this afternoon I mentioned this sentiment, and the officer said there are no such things as neighborhoods where such gun violence cannot happen.

Gun violence is an epidemic in our society as much as is the virus that we’re all self-isolating from.  The problem is we can stay away from the virus by being home, but the gun violence will come and find us wherever we reside.

We need to be more mindful of needed gun control legislation and vote for the candidates who grasp the gravity of the situation.

And so it goes.

Trump Asks If Medical Staff Stealing Masks!

There is no end to the complete absurdities that occur at Donald Trump’s press briefings. (This is just another reason why news operations are not taking the complete live feed of the press briefings as the need for objective truth rises above the partisan nonsense that Trump wishes to spew.)

National conservative columnist, Jonah Goldberg, makes the point most clearly. Consider what Trump said this weekend, and at the same picture in your mind the nurses and doctors that you have seen on television news and in the newspapers who are working feverishly on behalf of sick people from coast to coast.

“On Sunday, Trump, absent any hard evidence, suggested that large numbers of masks were being stolen from New York hospitals, citing an unnamed facility he had said had seen a huge surge in mask usage. “How do you go from 10 to 20,000 masks being used to 300,000?” Trump said and he didn’t stop there.

“Where are the masks going, are they going out the back door?”Trump asked. “somebody should probably look into that because I just don’t see from a practical standpoint how that’s possible.“

Perhaps, just perhaps the increased volume of masks being used is correlated with the emergence of a runaway highly contagious pandemic? I wonder if Joseph Stalin ever said during the battle of Stalingrad “this doesn’t make sense. Normally they only want 20,000 boxes of ammunition. All of a sudden they want 300,000? Somebody must be stealing the bullets.””

The following paragraph is not that of the columnists, but my point of view.

To stand before the nation as President of the United States, and insult the nurses and doctors and medical professionals all across this land who are doing their very best to stem the tide of this virus is simply unconscionable. I thought I had seen low moments in the Trump presidency over the past three years, but this week we have seen yet a new low.

A disgusting new low.