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Navy Captian Embarrassed Trump, Was Fired

April 2, 2020

This is absurd behavior—–if you embarrass Orange Mussolini there will be consequences! I thought it was a duty to protect those who signed up to serve our nation in the military!  Since Mr. Bone Spur never had a night in a barracks I find it rich that those who did sign up to serve are treated so shabbily.

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has fired the captain who raised the alarm about a spike in coronavirus cases onboard his aircraft carrier, which was sidelined in Guam last week, the Navy announced.

Capt. Brett Crozier wrote a letter Navy leaders Monday pleading for additional help to combat the outbreak, which has sickened roughly 100 sailors on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. The letter was leaked to the media.

In the letter, Crozier urged “decisive action” to remove the “majority of personnel” from the carrier.

Modly faulted Crozier for “not working with the chain of command” when writing the letter and by not raising the issue with Modly directly. He also said the Navy was already addressing Crozier’s concerns by the time the letter was written.

This is not the way military members should be treated when they seek to protect others under their watch!

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