Defending Little Jimmy Dickens


When writing an article about the death of Bill Withers, Tom Breihan, wrote the following line.

In 2017, Withers released a cover of country goofball Little Jimmy Dickens’ song “(You’ve Been Quite A Doll) Raggedy Ann” on a tribute album; it was his first new release in 32 years.

I wrote a note to Breihan, and in part noted the following.

Your description of Little Jimmy Dickens was wrong and in poor taste. He was a true gentlemen entertainer, understanding who had made him famous and never forgot how much of a bond was shared over the many decades from the stage to the audience and back again.

When a writer wants to lift someone up in memory at the time of their passing, but need to undermine another entertainer at the same time….

Yeah, your thought is the same one I had.