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GOOD! Supreme Court Overturns Gov. Evers Order. Election Is On–Democracy Wins. If Woodman’s Lot Full Of Cars Folks Can Also Vote.

April 6, 2020


There have been weeks to secure an absentee ballot. The hikers, walkers, bikers, shoppers to stores that are open are testimony to the fact people do go out and take all the risks for all sorts of reasons, but we are to believe that the risk of voting is too high? As a liberal Democrat I very much want this voting to happen on Election Day, as at the end of this debate, it is absolutely essential that the election process not be upended by the virus. We simply can not allow one of the causalities of this pandemic to be the glue of our democracy. Our elections. And the right to cast a ballot.

Early this evening……

Supreme Court on 5 to 4 vote sides with Wisconsin Republicans and says absentee voting cannot be extended. I agree with this as the process of our elections must not be manipulated.

When an attempt is made to turn a pandemic into a partisan fight the outcome must always line up with the process that has been outlined.  That is what has happened today, and for that democracy scored two victories.  Elections are not to be toyed with, and when an attempt is made it needs to be squashed.

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