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4.5.20 Macanudo

Honest Numbers Needed About COVID-19 Deaths, Broad Testing Required

There are so many possible avenues to be taken when deciding to write any blog post about COVID-19.  Starting from the historical perspective, moving to the dismal display of lies and failed leadership from the Trump White House, to the way statistics of the virus and its consequences are tabulated and reported.   Lately, however, I am drawn to that last point, about the way the numbers of deaths are reported.

The point that gets driven home, time and again, is due to the absolute incomprehensible lack of widespread testing in the United States it can only be deduced that there are vast numbers of people who died from the coronavirus, but simply never proven  This is due to the fact they were not confirmed with a test before they died.

News reports of coroners from larger urban areas simply giving up in making any confirmation of the deceased person having  COVID-19 is proof as to the importance of widespread testing.

The news reports from New York City, where on average, 200 residents are now dying at home every day, is stunning.  More so as that compares with 20 to 25 such deaths before the pandemic.  We can not assume folks there are now just choking on pretzels at a higher number, or slipping in the tub or having more strokes as a result of watching FOX News. This increase in deaths in that city are very likely the result of the virus.

As I read these types of news stories over the past days I reflected back to the historians who have written, with reams of research, about the unpeopling of the Americas due to European explorers bringing numerous diseases to this continent.  The immune systems of the Indians were not able, in many cases to adapt, and untold numbers perished.  We are left to use the best methods we have to surmise how many died as a result of diseases such as smallpox which was carried over on ships to these shores.

Today, however, we have the means to use science and sound reporting systems to have accurate measures of the degree to which COVID-19 is leaving its mark on our times.  We have the ability to record for history the true nature of what is happening in our nation.  Not to have national leadership, such as with mass testing. to ensure that facts are detailed as to the true enormity of this crisis, is just one more stain and dark mark upon Donald Trump.