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Ugly Side Of Humanity On Display During Pandemic

April 9, 2020

I am a decades-long listener to WGN Radio.  From my teenage years to this morning as I woke up.  Countless wonderful memories of radio hosts, and exchanges with listeners.  But there are also those times when the needed reporting of events has left me wondering what in the heck is wrong with some people.

That was the case over the past 48 hours.

Tuesday night was absolutely disgusting for the violence that was unleashed in that city, leaving seven dead, and over a dozen injured.  The fact that none of the shooters or the victims had the capacity to follow the simple stay at home order is most disturbing.  The only action that makes sense out of this carnage is that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has placed a 9:00 P.M. liquor purchasing curfew, which started today.

The first thought I had when hearing of this violence was that more people will now need to be placed in hospitals, at the time when the very last place any sane person wants to be is at the focal point of places dealing with COVID-19.  But I guess those who use guns as a way of life are not following the news of the pandemic.

But those doctors and nurses who are on the front line in their fight to save the lives of patients suffering from the virus should not then have their medical facilities drained of needed resources, such as masks, etc., in a needless effort to remove bullets and operate on victims.  The gang-bangers have once again placed a drain on society, at a time when there is not a lot of give on the fabric that holds us all together.

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