Reaching Out For Others, Give To Your Local Food Bank

I received the following note from someone who cares about one of the offshoots of the pandemic now striking at every region of this nation.  There is a shortage of food items for some of our fellow citizens, but you have the ability to make a real difference.  His note below makes the case, and I trust the words move you to action.  Thanks.

To friends and family across the country, I implore you to please take it upon yourself to directly support your local food bank or pantry with your dollars during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these food banks/pantries are being completely overwhelmed with the need for food in communities. If your community doesn’t have a food bank/pantry then branch out to a neighboring community or county. Search them out!

During the pandemic a lot of the food banks/pantries are not accepting food donations they are only accepting dollar donations so they can do their part at reducing the spread of the virus. These are almost always tax deductible but please don’t let it stop you if your donations are not tax-deductible. Every dollar counts and lots of small-dollar donations add up to fill grocery bags full of food for those that are literally broke because of this pandemic.

Food banks/pantries won’t be knocking on your door for donations, step up, search them out yourself and choose to make a real difference!