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One More (Last?) Bernie Sanders Post

April 14, 2020

I am truly pleased that Bernie Sanders ended his campaign, endorsed Joe Biden for president, and did it all in April!  That he did not beat up the eventual party nominee until the national convention and further undermine the party that he attempted to hijack–for the second time–is all good news.  If only his supporters would now stop making idiotic statements.   A guy has the right to dream, right?

This week the votes were counted for the Wisconsin April Election.  A stunning victory was scored by the liberal candidate for the Supreme Court.  After I posted on Facebook about this matter one of the typical Sanders supporters tried to make a point that ‘we’ should be thankful that  “Bernie’s base helped win that seat”.   Her comment was repeated in a number of ways in the hours following, each comment more troubling than the previous one.

It was stated, “Guess it’s a good thing for Wisconsin that he (Sanders) didn’t withdraw before the primary”

I took objections to those comments.  Here is why.

I always welcome all voters to cast ballots. I would trust that people see the wisdom of voting at each election.  Local elections are vitally important and often do not have presidential primaries attached to them. They happen every spring.

Bernie Sanders should not need to be on the ballot to motivate voters to get to the polls. If that is what it takes to get voters to the polls perhaps those voters need to ponder the issues of the day, and how they interact with their lives.  To be blunter, they might just have to get off their backsides and care more about issues than their self-centered lives. Too many of those whiners failed to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election, and think they have somehow a right to anything more than our national scorn.

It was then I was labeled with a “high and mighty attitude”.   Having a civics-minded attitude never wins converts from the Sanders’ crowd.  But I pressed onwards.

I was not aware that the promotion of civic duty was “high and mighty”  Given that my dad was a WWII vet, and served 40 years on the Hancock Town Board means that certain values about voting and being a responsible citizen is in my DNA, (so to speak).   That did not win me anything other than more of the usual dribble.

But at least today I did not need to hear nonsensical comments about how Sanders’ voters were turned out of the process, or somehow neutered in their ability to cast a ballot, or all the other absurdities that come up when they mention their cult leader.

So let me now shuck this post down to the cob.

I am just thankful that we never again will have to put up with Bernie Sanders running for president and having his name on the ballot.

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