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Simpson State Free Press Brings Needed Smile

April 15, 2020

I absolutely applaud and endorse the work and spirit that takes place at Simpson Street Free Press.  Bless those who make space and provide funding for this undertaking.

But also high-fives for the bright curious minds who write the stories, edit them, and work to get it in print form. This week the Wisconsin State Journal carried a report about the continuous work that these young writers are doing, in spite of the pandemic closing schools in Madison, and altering lives in the city

The report was uplifting as it shows dedication and commitment with these boys and girls who are getting their feet more than wet through the power of their own words, which are then honed into publication-ready articles. That is enough to lift spirits.  But then I read the following line.

Most at Simpson Street have older siblings who also work at Simpson Street Free Press and can help at home.

I swear that those words were felt in my chest as they confirm so much about what I believe.  Young minds need mentors to shape them, and homes are the most powerful places where so many powerfully good things can emerge. The act of writing, the thrill of reporting, the personal fulfillment when seeing a byline, and holding the final product in one’s hands is so tremendous.  But to know that this combination of work and curiosity is being passed down to younger siblings proves there are some truly incredible older siblings in Madison who deserve our thanks.

There are so many hard to read news stories these days concerning the pandemic.  Which made the article about the Simpson Press so uplifting.  We will need seasoned writers and curious minds to be the reporters of the future.  And to be able to tell their stories of the times in which we now live.

I have confidence in that future!

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