Why Does Donald Trump, Angry White Males, Want More COVID-19 Obituaries?


The Know-Nothing Party was known for its strong anti-immigrant foundation.  It can be easily established that its roots were embedded in ignorance.  With that same level of deficiency of cerebral power, the modern-day members of such an alliance are stoking the emotions of our society which is dealing with a pandemic.  The voices of angry white males today are demanding that labor return to open up the economy,  even though the needed safeguards, such as mass testing for COVID-19, are not available.  The ones doing the shouting are not the ones who will benefit from such a fast opening of the economic valve.  Instead, they are the convenient dunces who do not know they are being played, so the fat cats on Wall Street and big bankers can score a larger victory.

By now we are all too aware of the bizarre interview that  “Dr. Phil” gave on Fox News. It was alarming to watch how much quackery could be unloaded by one person in just a matter of minutes.  When he compared deaths from COVID-19 to those killed in car accidents and drownings in swimming pools (numbers which were blatantly incorrect) it was apparent that he had become untethered to reality.  I certainly do not watch FOX News, but the interview has been reported by all news operations, and it is highly concerning how he would fluff off a deadly global pandemic.  Or how the network did not push back……but then we know Fox News is not a source for news or facts.

Not to be outdone for absolute lack of moral foundations were the words from Dr. Mehmet Oz.  Also airing on FOX News—are you noticing a trend here?  He said the idea of reopening schools was “an appetizing opportunity” in light of an article in a medical journal “arguing that the opening of schools may only cost us 2 to 3 percent in terms of total mortality.”

So if a classroom has 22 kids which parents will be the ones with an empty bedroom?

Today it is clear, based on Donald Trump’s own words, that he is openly fomenting right-wing protests of social distancing restrictions.  He is targeting states where groups of his conservative supporters have been violating stay-at-home orders.  Is it any wonder that the vast majority of the nation looks at these cretins and terms them deplorable?

James and I have been self-distancing for seven weeks, have had no other people in our home, have only been to a grocery store twice, and the last time had a personal in-store shopper place items in the car trunk.  We are not bored, and only wish the days were longer.  But then again we read books.

We are mindful of the science and data reported from the experts, and also the professionals in our city, county, and state who work with emergency affairs.  We grasp the fact that it is our duty to assist the greater good, and act in concert with the sensible majority, in bending the curve downwards of cases in our state.

The complete idiots with their white male outrage and also a hefty amount of illogic, misinformation, and just plain stupidity must be held accountable.  They can tote their guns but the national resolve to fight this virus must not relent to their ignorance and buffoonery. 

What these goof-balls with their outrage do not grasp is that they are being played.  They have nothing more invested then what they bought for a lunchpail.  Or in a deadly weapon.  Yet Trump and a certain element within the conservative base are using them as if they are about to make the stock market plays of the week.   Look at the protestors and ask yourself if they are not just a bunch of malcontents without a library card?

We do not have all the facts about the virus. We don’t have the tests in place to determine who has the virus and who is asymptomatic and carrying the virus to others. The shouters and protesters were not the valedictorians so they have no awareness of any of this, so they simply mimic Trump.  But Trump gins up the Know-Nothings only for the purpose to pump up the Dow Jones and whatever remains of his feeble attempt to not be destroyed in the November election.

And in so doing Trump and his ilk, if they get their way, will increase the numbers of names on the obituary pages who will die from COVID-19. Some of those names succumbing to the virus will surely be the ones now acting like the dolts their neighbors have always known them to be.  Just like the pastors not smart enough to know shutting down the offering plates would have been a smarter choice for their churches.

Again, it is imperative that the majority of this nation stay firm to the data, facts, and professionals and not relent in our duty to our fellow citizens as we work to combat the virus.