Tonic For The Soul, Grandpa Style

We needed to go for a walk today, someplace away from everyone else.  James and I have been self-distancing seven weeks, and while never bored, still are in need of physical exercise.  So we headed to our place in Dane County where hiking and sunshine are able to wash away the heaviness of the time in which our nation now finds itself.  We discovered this place recently, and have been making ‘mental health pilgrimages’ as a way to replenish our emotional batteries.

Perhaps what struck me this afternoon is due to the virus news each day.  Perhaps my internal compass was seeking to replace the death and mayhem on the radio and in the newspapers with something lighter and calming.  As such, this was the scene that greeted me.


I instantly thought of what was across the road from where I lived as a boy.  Grandpa had paths among trees heading out towards farm fields that were wide enough to allow for a tractor to be driven.  Barbed wire fence, like that which bordered this area today, also was found on his farm.  And the gate today reminded me of one that he would open and close near the barn area so to keep the cows in after they came in from a field.


We all need to find our calming moments in this crisis.  For me, this was about as perfect as it comes.