Other Nations Seek Ways To Take Advantage Of Trump During Pandemic

It is not only the American public who notices the lack of credibility and gravitas that is coming from the Trump White House.  The world is watching too.

Nearly each afternoon Donald Trump takes to the podium and speaks not only to the American public, who has a growing dismay for his words and antics, but also world leaders and military operations in foreign countries.  They are also watching and assessing the governing ability of the United States.

One of the downsides that is most apparent when it comes to the news media coverage of this pandemic is the inability for any other story to make its way onto the television screens of the country.  As such this post, and the brief snippets of world events it contains might be eye-opening to some of my readers.  If you are a newspaper reader there is a chance that you are aware of these events.  In other words what the American public may not know, is certainly not unknown to foreign powers.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic China has been operating in the South China Sea with military aircraft and has been using more aggressive early warning and control aircraft. But more than the actual military aircraft involved is the question of the island chains that China claims as their territory which continues to be a very large international legal question.

Just last week Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy came extremely close to six American warships in the Persian Gulf.  It is also noted in the newspapers that Russia test fired an anti-satellite missile and twice buzzed American Navy planes over the Mediterranean sea.

Wishing never to be left out of the headlines for making news comes North Korea. They also test-fired suspected short-range cruise missiles and it needs to be noted in that case it was the first time they used such missiles in nearly three years.

There is no doubt that international players are watching the United States very closely as this pandemic takes hold of the country.  They are most conscious about the lack of leadership exhibited from this White House.  It is troubling to see so many rogue players and confrontational nations seeming to wish to take moves that run counter to international norms.

While there is a lack of credible leadership in the White House there will be those who take advantage of the existing circumstances. At the fringes that is what we are seeing play out on the world stage. It is not something we can dismiss, and it is not something that the television  news media in this nation should fail to report.  We need to be aware of international events, even during a pandemic.